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I am a Greek Cypriot currently based in Annapolis, Maryland. I was born in South Africa and raised in Melbourne, Australia. 

Crystalooneys Creative Arts was born in Australia. In 2008 when I moved to the United States to start a family with my husband who is my best friend and biggest champion. As my family expanded and welcomed two amazing children, so did Crystalooneys. I found myself fully booked for birthday parties, fairs, performances, workshops, and more. In time, I had been feeling a strong calling in a new direction towards healing. In 2009, after watching my husband battle Crohn's disease, I became an Usui Reiki Master. I was able to utilize life force energy to help my husband heal. I eventually began using Reiki to help others.It was during a session with a client that I had received my first message of guidance.


During an intuitive henna session in 2014, I had my first mediumship experience, when I connected with my client's brother who had crossed over. This is where my mediumship journey began. I spent the next few years working with mentors, attending spiritual development workshops, and pursuing mediumship courses to enhance my ability as a Visionary Intuitive. It is a blessing to be able to do what I love. Providing my clients with the healing they need in the way that serves them best.  

My form of meditation and grounding is expressing myself through art, which continues to be a daily ritual for me. I am grateful for all my clients who have put their trust in me to receive messages in collaboration with the spirit. With a little bit of humor, tears or laughter. 


Meet Christalene

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