Crystal Rings

These custom order, intuitively created, wire-wrapped rings are made with genuine natural gemstones. Each gemstone is unique and may vary in color or pattern than the gemstones shown in the photos. All rings are made with non-tarnishing wire and are infused with reiki energy and love.


Ring Options:

Ring with no stones, design only: $10

Ring with one 6mm stone: $10

Ring with one 8mm stone: $15

Ring with two 6mm stones: $15

Ring with two 6mm stones and one 8mm stone: $20


Stone Choice:

Select a color, chakra, or allow Christalene to intuitively select your crystal!

Red ~ Root Chakra ~ Security and stability

Orange ~ Sacral Chakra ~ Emotions and creativity

Yellow ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Self-esteem and confidence

Green ~ Heart Chakra ~ Love and compassion

Blue ~ Throat Chakra ~ Communication

Purple ~ Third Eye Chakra ~ Intuition

White ~ Crown Chakra ~ Spiritual connection

Crystal Rings

Ring Options
Ring Size
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    Please make sure to take care when selecting the ring size and, if possible, get measured by a jeweler as customers are responsible if the wrong size is ordered.