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Henna is a traditional body art style that is prominent in many different cultures around the world. Today, this beautiful and intricate tradition of body art has been accepted by many body artists everywhere - in baby blessings, sisterhood gatherings, birthday parties, and more! I am self-taught and have been incorporating henna designs into my art since I was a teenager in Australia. After moving to the States, I discovered henna paste. I effortlessly combined the two and in 2009 began adorning her clients with intuitive henna designs. I have taught henna application and design at conventions, schools, and private workshops around the country and internationally. 


I create my own henna from scratch, using only henna powder, lemon juice, high-quality essential oils (either eucalyptus, lavender, or cajuput), and sugar. Unlike black henna, my paste is all natural and completely safe. *See warning here regarding "black henna"*


Private sessions available for elaborate, intuitive henna starting at $50. Contact me for a consultation and quote for exact pricing.

Henna artists are available for parties and special events starting at $150 per hour. Contact me for more information. 

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