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Spiritual Guidance

intuitive GUIDANCE

As a Visionary Intuitive, I channel energy utilizing all of my Clair senses, and receive "downloads" of information from my higher self – whether it’s through visions, words, or a clear knowing.  Because we are all connected through energy, I can provide readings with the same amount of clarity and accuracy in both virtual and in-person settings for individuals or groups.  


While I may deliver messages with a lighthearted and sometimes humorous approach, I take the responsibility of my gift very seriously. I only communicate from the light and for the highest good of all involved.  

When booking a session with me, it is important to remain open to receiving guidance using a combination of mediumship and intuitive readings, unless otherwise specified.


As a medium, I connect the bridge between the living and those who are no longer in their physical bodies. During my readings, I deliver evidential messages to those who are open to receiving and connecting with loved ones who have crossed over – this sometimes includes animals. Because I collaborate with spirit, no two sessions are alike.  

It is imperative that clients come to readings with an open mind and heart. The more open they are the easier it will be for me to connect and relay information. If you have not already done so, please click here to read the disclaimer about private and gallery readings.

Intuitive Readings

In a reading, I connect with my guides to identify the sitter's needs without them necessarily having to realize or vocalize what they are. My readings are confirmation of things the sitter already knows - I believe everyone holds the answers to their questions but sometimes they just need confirmation that they are on the right track and that what they have been feeling is real and trustworthy. Everyone has free will - you are the only one who can change the direction of your life. Nothing I say is set in concrete. 

During my intuitive readings I use my own oracle cards as a tool and visual for my clients as confirmation of their messages. 

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