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soul retrieval

A soul retrieval is a "Shamanic technique" that restores hidden, missing, or stolen pieces of the soul. Soul loss can occur after experiencing trauma (ex. abandonment, loss of a loved one, etc.). A retrieval is done to gain back the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical power of the client. Everyone's need for a soul retrieval varies and is dependent on where they are in their life. Each soul retrieval is unique to that client's individual journey, so no two sessions are alike. 

During the session, I will enter into a meditative state and  journey into the client's lower world with my power animal. Once the soul retrieval is complete, I will share an in-depth review of any experiences, visions, and messages I obtained during the session to help with the healing process. The entire session lasts 1-1.5 hours.


Because each soul retrieval is different, the client may experience a shift immediately, or they may not notice any differences for a few days. It is important that the client continue to observe and honor any feelings, memories, sensations, thoughts, etc. that come up after the session in order to experience the full benefits of the healing.


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