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Image by Sarah Brown


My workshops are a fantastic way to learn how to tap into your own intuition in an energetically safe space. I am inspired to create new workshops all the time and take pride in making each workshop unique, inspirational, and fun. I guide participants through hands-on activities in an animated, lively and engaging way. 

Workshops are offered for individuals and groups, and can even be customized depending on your needs. Corporate workshops are perfect for those looking to increase staff morale, while private workshops are the perfect opportunity to learn and bond with friends and family.

I love diving deep into my craft with others and try to provide workshops as often as I can. Workshops are offered throughout the year at various locations as well as online via Zoom.


Workshops offered include:

How to Manifest and Create Your Own Vision Board

Beginners Crystal Workshop for Children and Adults

Enhance Your Intuition 101

Enhance Your Intuition 201

Intro to Signs, Guides, & Angels

Crystal Manifestation

Crystal Grids

Henna 101

Henna 102

Mandala for Beginners

And more!

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