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ENLIGHTEN ME: A Getting to Know you Journal

Available on AMAZON:


This journal brings to life the ENLIGHTEN ME game created by Christalene Karaiskakis. This journal brings people together in a fun, safe, and interactive way. It starts conversations and creates stronger bonds. It is an opportunity to share, learn, grow and be in the present moment with others.

You may use this journal in person or host virtual parties with people from around the world.

The journal  is divided into categories so that you may choose the topics that best suit the group you are with. Categories are:

- Getting to Know You

- Digging Deeper

- Relationships

- Spiritual

- Sex

- Self-Discovery

Feel free to focus on one category at a time or to jump around the different categories. Enjoy getting to know one another and making new connections.  


*Warning: Contains Adult Content + Categories*

ENLIGHTEN ME: A Getting to Know you Journal

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